My interest to draw goes back to my childhood. As a small child of four years I can vividly remember my mother taking me to the pot bank where she worked as a gilder at the end of the street where we lived. She put me on her workbench and gave me a sheet of paper to draw on and interest myself while she worked.

It was not until I retired in 2012 I took up some serious interest in painting. Thanks to my art teacher Jo and her guidance I have now been painting for seven years and are now able to create this web site thanks to Jonathon. It is basically a gallery of work I have produced in acrylic paints and characterises my various interest.

Dad was a regular soldier and served in WW1 and through his influence I read a deal of British Military History and so this enabled me to have the enthusiasm to paint some scenes from the Napoleonic and the Crimean wars including various military figures (portraits) from both conflicts.

In addition there are samples of some additional work including landscapes, portraits, scenes from one of my favourite restaurants in London and painting of a Sennebogen crane etc. My mind set is one of painting real people and actual places full of dynamics which reflect my passion.

Thanks to all who have helped me on this journey I travel especially my Mum (Henrietta) my Dad (Frederick George) and my lovely wife Jeanette who supports me always.